<1 Hour from Seoul by Airplane, Let’s go to Jeju with Korea Grand Sale!>

Stones, wind, women that exist everywhere in the world! However, especially, there is a place to have them a lot. It is Jeju Island. In Jeju, these three things are called ‘Samda (三多)’. There have been awful lot of these 3 things, and this word could be made. Let’s go to Jeju Island and check it out! :)
Today, Korea Grand Sale invites you to Jeju Island: D

1. JEJUAIR, Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2005, JEJUAIR, Co., Ltd. is Korea's fastest growing airline. It does not allow any compromise on safety issues that are the most important, and it is an airline company that is rapidly expanding to meet the customer needs of reasonable price.
Don't you think the romance of travel will be well-maintained in case that the trip is pleasant?
Jeju Air provides exceptional discounts for visitors during Korea Grand Sale, offering comfortable and pleasant flights from Seoul to Jeju at up to 79% off the price.
Now, Korea Grand Sale is coming to an end!
Use this opportunity to go to beautiful Jeju Island by using Jeju Air right now ~! : D

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Did you arrive in Jeju Island safely? Then, rent a car first.
In Jeju, it is common to rent a car rather than public transportation. The scenery of Jeju’s coastal road that can be seen directly driving a car is really beautiful! There are eleven coastal roads in Jeju, and each of them has its own distinctive character with beautiful scenery.
Do you think a car rental service is expensive? For that reason, Korea Grand Sale has prepared a special offer for you ~!
Jeju Rent-a-Car Co., Ltd. is one of the best car rental companies in Korea established in 1978. We offer a rental service at a discount of 75% to visitors during Korea Grand Sale. Isn’t it an exceptional benefit? :)
When renting a car, please do not forget that you must have your passport and an international driver's license in the country that allows you to drive in Korea ~! : D

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DAVINCI MUSEUM in Jeju is the only Science Museum for Leonardo da Vinci in Asia.
The master of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, was the greatest painter, engineer and architect during the time of French King Francois I ! :)
The Da Vinci museum exhibits the scientific inventions of Da Vinci, which has flown directly from Italy, and it can be a very beneficial with a docent's commentary! Docent-led tours are 8 times a day for 10 minutes from 10:00 to 17:00, and once for 40 minutes, so I strongly recommend it to those who visit Korea with your child or those who are interested in Leonardo Da Vinci ~!
It is offering a 15% discount on admission tickets to visitors during Korea Grand Sale, and a cup of Americano is provided free of charge when purchasing souvenirs of 30,000 won or more. :)
It has a variety of other experience programs. It is open all year round and the operation hours are from 9:00 to 18:00. Please check it!

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Have you studied at Da Vinci Museum? :) Will you go to the Teddy Bear museum full of cute teddy bears this time?
Jeju Island's Jungmun Tourism Complex has the world's largest Teddy Bear Museum.
Teddy Bear is said to have originated from an anecdote in 1902 when President Roosevelt went on a bear hunt and saved a cub. Teddy was the nickname of President Roosevelt.
The Teddy Bear has been loved for nearly 100 years, and Teddy Bear Museum Jeju exhibits over 3,000 bear dolls that have been decorated after the model of the historical events and famous art works.
Because you can not only watch dolls but also naturally increase the knowledge of history and culture, the customer satisfaction is high. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the museum at least once even though you do not like dolls  :)
Looking a cute and lovely teddy bear, everyone will want to have a teddy bear. Therefore, the souvenir shop in Teddy Bear Museum Jeju  may be the most popular!
Are you uncomfortable with the price of a teddy bear doll? Don't worry ~ Special offers only for tourists during Korea Grand Sale,  a 10% discount on the purchase price at souvenir shop in Teddy Bear Museum Jeju is waiting for you! : D
It is open 24 hours a day, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (The closing time is 6:00 p.m.), so please check it~! :)

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5. Shilla Stay Jeju

Go sightseeing all day long and relax your tired body~
Jeju Island is a typical tourist area and there are many luxury hotels. However, if you want to enjoy high quality services at a reasonable price, we recommend the Shilla Stay! :)
The Shilla Stay is a business hotel that offers the best value of Shilla Hotel, the best hotel in Korea, and offers only the services and products that customers want. The tourists can save up to 50% during Korea Grand Sale . In addition, there is a chance to upgrade to a deluxe room free of charge, and it also offers a GIVEAWAY!
Please note that this exceptional benefit from Korea Grand Sale is available only through making a reservation. Please make a reservation via the website of Shilla Stay or making a phone call in advance~! :)

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Korea Grand Sale, which has done its best since its grand opening on January 20, 2017!
Now it's the time to say good-bye. Are you sad? Don't be too discouraged~ We are preparing to welcome you later this year with more various and lavisher programs! :)
We, Korea Grand Sale, will repay a lot of attention and constant support from you! Then, see you again later this year~! Thank you! : D