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There are many purposes and reasons for traveling, but isn’t it the greatest pleasure to feel the culture of the country when you travel? :)
If you want to enjoy the special experience of Korea's past and present, pay attention to the shopping column today!
A beautiful hanbok, delicious Korean food plus traditional houses with charm. Then, what are the experiences of various traditional Korean culture prepared by Korea Grand Sale?

1. Accommodation

* Jirye Arts Village
The hotels in the city are nice too, but what about a romantic night in traditional Korean houses?
The Jirye Arts Village, which enables Hanok stay, is a 370-year-old cultural property house located in the quiet nature of Andong City in Gyeongbuk Province.
Jirye Arts Village which is quiet and beautiful has been featured in the Michelin Guide and the Wall Street Journal. It is also a popular spot for artists and tourists all over the world. There is a scenic river called Imhaho near the village. There is a performance hall next to the river, so you can enjoy the hanok experience as well as exciting performances.
The Jirye Arts Village offers a 20% discount and breakfast to tourists participating in Korea Grande Sale. The village will enrich your travel to Korea! It is recommended to visit at least once. : D
More information on Jirye Arts Village ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/748

* CHI ONG Art Center

Chiong Art Museum is a hanok stay located in Gapyeong near Seoul. If you want to experience sightseeing in Seoul and experience traditional Hanok, Chiong Art Museum will be the best choice. In addition to the beautiful rooms made up of traditional Korean hanok, it offers a variety of cultural experiences that make it possible to experience Korean culture such as Korean food, natural dyeing, tea ceremony, and handicrafts.
It also offers a 10% discount for this Korea Grand Sale. Please note that reservations must be made with the Korea Grand Sale Discount Booking.
More Information on Chiong Art Museum ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/754

2. Food

* Jinjinbara

Jinjinbara, which is famous for delicious Korean cuisine, is a fine Korean restaurant using fresh and good quality ingredients. The food of Jinjinbara which is clean and tender was loved by Koreans as well as foreigners, so it is often used as a state dinner venue. During this Korea Grand Sale period, a 5% discount is offered. If you want to feel the delicacy of Korean tradition, please visit JINJIN BARA!
More Information on Jinjinbara ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/442

* Ongo Food Communications

Delicious and healthy Korean food, now make it on your own and try it!
Ongo Food Communications has an introductory Korean cooking class that allows you to make Korean food yourself. The schedules of cooking classes may vary by date, so advanced reservations are required. It offers a 10% discount during this Korea Grand Sale period, so please do not miss this opportunity! :)
Ongo Food Communications also has a variety of food tours. Food tours also may vary by date, so do not forget to make a reservation in advance!
More Information on Ongo Food Communications ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/503

3. Apparel and other

* Sam Sam O O Hanbok

If you want to feel closer to Korean culture, why don’t you try on traditional Korean clothes, hanbok? :)
Hanbok is a traditional clothing that people must wear on Korean holidays because of its beautiful lines in harmony with straight lines and curved lines.
It offers fitting and styling services of high-quality Korean hanbok. You can rent hanbok all day without time limit. In addition, it offers a tour service that customers freely take a tour of Gyeongbok Palace, Samcheong-dong and Bukchon Hanok Village where you can feel Korea's old-world charm nearby.
It lends Hanbok and gives a 10,000 won discount offer to the tourists participating in Korea Grand Sale. In addition, 4 kinds of postcards are offered on a visit. If you want to see my appearance in Hanbok, visit Sam Sam O O Hanbok right now!
More Information on Sam Sam O O Hanbok ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/535

* Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village, famous for the filming location of historical dramas! It is a place to see traditional Korean culture in the shortest time. It is a traditional culture theme park where the customs of life in the culture of old Koreans are gathered together so that tourists can understand easily with fun.
The Korean Folk Village has various programs and events, as well as programs to experience traditional marriage. During this Korea Grand Sale period, it offers a 38% discount on admission tickets and a 33% discount on free passes!
More Information on Korean Folk Village ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/494

* National Souvenir Center

What if you want to see traditional Korean souvenirs? Please visit National Souvenir Center with Korea Grand Sale! The National Souvenir Center is a place where you can meet traditional Korean crafts such as sculptures and ceramics. It has carefully selected Korea's representative cultural tourism products for exhibiting and selling them. It offers a 10% discount on all kinds of that place at this Korea Grand Sale. Why don’t you give your family and friends a souvenir with Korean tradition? :)
More information on National Souvenir Center ▶http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/company/532

So far, I have introduced various spots to experience Korean tradition. Enjoy the traditional culture experience that will enrich your travel to Korea with more extraordinary benefits sponsored by Korea Grand Sale and! In addition to traditional culture experience, Korea Grand Sale has various benefits and events. Come to Korea before it's too late. Come on~!