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The Korea Grand Sale encompasses a total festival experience combining culture, tourism and shopping, offering foreign tourists with various benefits in areas of shopping, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, beauty/health, food & beverage and more, by participating companies.

The Korea Grand Sale will continue to contribute to the increase in consumer spending and foreign tourist visits to Korea, as well as enhance Korea's image as a shopping & tourism mecca with the potential to develop into a premium global festival.

Get several discount benefits from Korea’s finest products and services, along with Korean Wave  and various Korean culture. The joy of shopping tourism will be doubled.

▶ About 2017 Korea Grand Sale


  ▪  Festival title: 2017 Korea Grand Sale
  ▪ Period: Jan 20th to Feb 28th, 2017
  ▪ P: Seoul, metropolitan areas and major municipalities around Korea
  ▪ Target: Foreign tourists visiting Korea
  ▪ Festival information: Discounts on products and services, free gifts, culture experience and more
  ▪ Hosting organization: Visit Korea Committee, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

You can find more information about the events, promotions and discount offers at the renewed Official Website of the Korea Grand Sale.

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