This is the one-pass coupon, which is usable in all stores participating in Korea Grand Sale and helps foreigners to get a discount..
However, benefits may vary by each store when using this coupon. Please check the official website or promotion materials about details of discount benefit and information.

- Online coupon: Customers may use the online Korea Grand Sale coupon below.

(You can also access the coupon via mobile phone or tablet PC)

▶ Validity 
Coupons are valid from Jan 20th ~ Feb 28th, 2017

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▪    Paper coupon: Customers may cut out the paper-printed coupon on Korea Grand Sale leaflet for use. 

(Where to find the leaflets: Available at main tour information centers around Korea)


▶ How to Use the Coupons

▪    Step1. Visit a Korea Grand Sale participating store

▪    Step2. Present the coupon before you make your purchase, or if applicable, exchange the coupon for its own "store coupon" 

▪    Step3. Make a purchase or get the service at a discounted price (or receive a free gift).


▶ Additional Information

▪   Coupons are valid only during The Korea Grand Sale  period  (Jan. 20 ~ Feb. 28, 2017)

▪  No membership subscription is required to receive coupon.

▪  All forms of coupons have the same effect (regardless of the form: the online type, the paper type, the combined one, and the store coupon)

▪  Other promotions or credit card offers CANNOT be used together.

▪  The coupons cannot be exchanged to cash.